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We Forced A Bot To Write This Show

Stuff you know, presented in a way you don't.

A new sketch show packed full of stuff you know, presented in a way you don't. It's warped and weird and so, so, so funny and I LOVED being a part of the production team.

It's written by the brilliant Jon Holmes, Sarah Dempster and Gareth Ceredig, based on the book by Keaton Patti - I mean "A Bot"

During the recordings we reached levels of hysteria that were, quite frankly, unprofessional and unhelpful. My face hurt from laughing at this incredible cast doing really stupid things.

And, seriously, look at this cast:

The Narrator Man - Craig Parkinson

The Storyteller - Olivia Williams

Strange Words said by Isy Suttie, Lauren Douglin, Esmonde Cole, and James Lance

Original music by Jake Yapp with lyrics by Jon Holmes, Sarah Dempster and Gareth Ceredig

And produced and directed by Jon Holmes.

What an absolute joy to be a part of this production. I'm a lucky idiot.

The series can be heard on Wednesday nights at 11pm on BBC Radio 4 and on BBC Sounds from Wednesday 20th December 2023 - Wednesday 24th January 2024.


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