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Motherhood: Bump, Birth & Beyond

Archive and Interviews about Bump, Birth & Beyond...

I produced this three hour epic presented by Jessica Fostekew which charts the horrors and the highs of the 9 months of life with a bump, the moment of reckoning with birth, and the chaos, or not, that lies ahead.

The programme featured programmes and clips on the subject of pregnancy and motherhood from the BBC Archive dating back over 50 years, alongside brand new interviews with lots of special guests who were so generous with their time and their personal stories: Jenny Eclair, Cariad Lloyd, Sara Barron, Richard Herring & Catie Wilkins, Caroline Mabey, Jen Brister, Hatty Ashdown, Kirsty Newton, Katie Mulgrew, Taylor Glenn, Robin Ince, Laura Lexx, Sindhu Vee, Diane Morgan, and Holly Walsh.

Project Gallery

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