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Carbon Lifeforms Christmas Special

Christmassy Climate Comedy

I am very proud to have produced the Carbon Lifeforms Christmas Special starring environmental comedian (and actual Council Waste Education Officer) Jon Long and actual environmental scientist and TV presenter Dr Tara Shine

The series aims to (carbon) capture all things climate and environment - demystifying the issues, and helping listeners make positive choices in their everyday lives. It's the most wonderful - and most wasteful - time of the year so Jon and Dr Tara bring us fun facts and practical advice to help us all cut down the amount of food, drink, and packaging that gets thrown away over the Christmas period.

They'll be joined by hungry comedian Jessica Fostekew to discuss ingenious uses for leftovers and how breaking tradition - with new traditions - might be the way forward. There's a very special festive guest (it's Santa Claus), and Jon and I took a trip to Bristol to hear about their wonderful Christmas tree recycling, and general waste avoidence schemes from Hannah Deas at The Bristol Waste Company. We also visited Wiper & True Brewery and spoke to their sustainability manager Joseph Watts, and we met up with Bristol-based, climate-comic Stuart Goldsmith for a chat about individual action.

It's helpful and hopeful - and SO FUNNY! And the programme was selected for BBC Radio 4's Pick of the Week on Christmas Eve 2023.

The Christmas Special was on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 17th December 2023 and is available now on BBC Sounds

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