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Amber Jolt: Truth Hunter

Cold hard facts and really silly jokes...

Delighted to be part of the production team on this really quite epic, meticulously researched, absolutely stupid programme starring Rosie Holt as nearly award-winning investigative journalist Amber Jolt.  The beautiful script was written by Bill Dare and it combines cold hard facts with wonderfully silly jokes about the behemoth that is Amazon. 


In this pilot episode Amber asks: is Alexa is spying on us? Does Amazon pay its fair share of tax? And does it have a soul? What she discovers will turn your view of Amazon on its head, inside out, the wrong way round, and quite possibly back to front. Or it also may not.


Starring Rosie Holt as Amber Jolt with the voices of Malcolm Atobrah, Jake Yapp, and me (in a very tiny but utterly integral role). The show also features interviews with the real expert humans - Simon Jack, Zoe Kleinman, Darren Westwood, Paul Monaghan. It was produced by Bill Dare and Jon Holmes and directed by Jon Holmes and what a lovely experience it was too.

The show was broadcast on Thursday 31st August on BBC Radio 4 and is available now on BBC Sounds

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