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Absolute Radio Pirates

A 6-hour celebration of the pirate radio stations of the 1960s

I produced a 6-hour celebration of the pirate radio stations of the 1960s for Absolute Radio. Absolute Radio 60s rebranded as Absolute Radio Pirates for the occasion.

To mark the anniversary of the Marine Offences Act coming in to force in August 1967, Absolute Radio Pirates combined new interviews with archive broadcasts - and loads of great music - to tell the real story of the pirates, their love of music, and the move into illegality.

Featuring stories and reminiscences from Tony Blackburn and Johnnie Walker, 1960s news bulletins read by Zeb Soanes, and reflections on the legacy of the Pirate Stations from Shaun Keaveny, Leona Graham (and her dad), Jordan and Perri from Kiss Breakfast, radio historian David Lloyd, and radio legend Tim Blackmore, plus the story of the life, and the murder, of the owner of Radio City, Reg Calvert, told by his daughter Susan. And there's archive broadcasts from 1964-67 from Kenny Everett, Keith Skues, John Peel, Tommy Vance, Tony Windsor, Ed "Stewpot" Stewart, Dave Cash, and Simon Dee.

The 6-hour extravaganza was brought together from 8 hours of new interviews and over 26 hours of archive donated to the project by The Offshore Radio Museum.

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