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A Book At Bathtime

Recorded on location in my actual bathroom...

I created, developed and produced this ridiculous series with Jake Yapp and Jon Holmes that we actually recorded in my actual bath.

The premise: Jon Holmes reads a serialised bedtime story from the bath. The only problem is that he happens to be sharing his bath with Jake Yapp who can and will ruin the reading.

Jon hopes to share a serious and important piece of literature: Dusty Passages by Malcolm Throbbswell (it's not real, but it is better than some actual published works in this genre). It is an intense tale of lust and longing, truth and redemption, and vigorously requited passion in later life, with all its accompanying, rather dreary, pretentious and self-indulgent tropes. 

There are also a lot of bath-related asides (because they are actually in the bath). Expect some splashing, hair-washing, bath-based-bickering and abject filth.

One of the best days I've ever had at work/in the bathroom.

You can hear the full filthy thing right here:

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