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A (quite long) list of the fun things I have worked on during my career.

I've made some excellent radio and I've worked with some amazing people.

Click on the photos for links to the programme pages.

20 Years of Funny Women

I'm super proud to have written and produced this epic celebration of Funny Women and women who are funny.

To mark 20 years since Lynne Parker set up the Funny Women Awards, I've trawled through the Funny Women archive and spoken to just a few (15) of the Funny Women alumni for Archive on 4: 20 Years of Funny Women.

It's presented by Kerry Godliman and features new interviews with Diane Morgan, Zoe Lyons, Rachel Parris, Desiree Burch, Sindhu Vee, Jessica Fostekew, Charlie George, Amy Gledhill, Thanyia Moore, Gemma Whelan and all of the 2022 award winners - including the double-winning rising-star Lorna Rose Treen - plus the Funny Women founder Lynne Parker and the ‘Matron’ of Funny Women, Jo Brand.

It also features archive performances from all of the above and Katherine Ryan, Sara Pascoe, Rosie Jones, Bridget Christie, Jayde Adams, London Hughes, and many others who all performed in the finals early in their careers.


This is how I spent summer 2023 (plus all the other stuff below)

TX: Saturday 23rd September at 20:02 on BBC Radio 4

Network: A Mighty Bunny production for BBC Radio 4


Ed Byrne Needs A Hobby

Ed Byrne decided he's in the market for a new hobby - so he's started a podcast to go in search of one.  In each episode, Ed meets up with one of his celebrity chums to try out their favourite past time, and then interrogate them about it, to see if it's for him. And just to make sure he's fully divorced himself from the decision-making process, he'll start and end each episode by chatting to his wife, Claire, to see if that week's hobby is a good fit.

We've been quizzing with Lucy Porter, cold water swimming with Rev, Kate Bottley, visited a cold war nuclear bunker with Angela Barnes, talked Rugby League and Disability Rugby League with Adam Hills, gone upcycling with Shappi Khorsandi, played poker with Ria Lina, had a drum lesson with Owain Wyn Evans, and did a CrossFit class with John Robins.

Join Ed in this stupid experiment. You’ll hear him having the time of his life - or being mildly tortured - alongside some of your favourite people enthusing about the things that make their hearts sing.

TX: Thursdays

Network: Acast

Ed Byrne Needs A Hobby 2.png

The Naked Week

I was part of the production team for one of BBC Radio 4's series of new topical comedy pilots for Friday nights at 18:30.


The Naked Week is hosted by Andrew Hunter Murray and provides a fresh way of dressing the week’s news in the altogether and parading it around for everyone to laugh at. The script - written by a crack team of contemporary satirists - and recorded in front of a live audience - dives into not only the big stories, but also at the way in which the news is packaged and presented. It's packed with fast-paced clips, stupid takes on the week's stupid takes, an actual magician and an actual opera singer.


Brilliantly produced by Jon Holmes.

TX: Friday 1st September at 18:30 on BBC Radio 4

Network: An unusual production for BBC Radio 4


Amber Jolt: Truth Hunter

Delighted to be part of the production team on this really quite epic, meticulously researched, absolutely stupid programme starring Rosie Holt as nearly award-winning investigative journalist Amber Jolt.  The beautiful script was written by Bill Dare and it combines cold hard facts with wonderfully silly jokes about the behemoth that is Amazon. 


In this pilot episode Amber asks: is Alexa is spying on us? Does Amazon pay its fair share of tax? And does it have a soul? What she discovers will turn your view of Amazon on its head, inside out, the wrong way round, and quite possibly back to front. Or it also may not.


Starring Rosie Holt as Amber Jolt with the voices of Malcolm Atobrah, Jake Yapp, and me (in a very tiny but utterly integral role). The show also features interviews with the real expert humans - Simon Jack, Zoe Kleinman, Darren Westwood, Paul Monaghan. It was produced by Bill Dare and Jon Holmes and directed by Jon Holmes and what a lovely experience it was too.

TX: Thursday 31st August at 23:02 on BBC Radio 4

Network: An unusual production for BBC Radio 4


The Xennial Dome

I love Gareth Gwynn and I love Esyllt Sears and I am a Xennial so it was a proper lovely thing to be asked to edit together their podcast The Xennial Dome.  In each episode, Xennial, Gareth Gwynn and other Xennial, Esyllt Sears interview more Xennials. They explore their childhoods, peer influences, their politics and hobbies. Has being born between 1977 and 1985, straddling the analogue and digital worlds, truly set them aside from all other generations and does it continue to influence their lives today?

Guests have included Jess Phillips MP, Steffan Garrero, Sunil Patel, Thanyia Moore, Stu Goldsmith, Grainne Maguire, Anna Jordan, Rhys Thomas, Nish Kumar, Isy Suttie, Mark Watson and Jessica Fostekew - and a forthcoming live episode with Elis James.

TX: Tuesdays

Network: Acast


Carbon Lifeforms

I was part of the joyful production team for Carbon Lifeforms where comedian and actual council recycling education officer Jon Long teams up with broadcaster and actual scientist Dr Tara Shine to (carbon) capture all things sustainable travel.

It's packed with jokes, sketches, songs and special guests Jeremy Vine and Kerry Godliman.

Episode 2 is coming, Christmas 2023

TX: Sunday 2nd July at 19:15 on BBC Radio 4

Network: An unusual production for BBC Radio 4


Broadcasting House

It was a real honour to produce this interview for BBC Radio 4's Broadcasting House. Paddy O'Connell spoke with Susan Rae about her Alzheimer's Diagnosis and about her son's crowdfunding for her care.

The crowdfunder can be found here:

TX: Sunday 2nd April

Network: BBC Radio 4


Opening Lines

Opening Lines is a new series which unpacks the themes and impact of the books, plays and stories that are being dramatised in Radio 4's weekend afternoon dramas. It's presented by the legendary producer and script writer John Yorke, who has worked in television and radio for 30 years, and he shares his experience of storytelling and dramatisation with Radio 4 listeners. The whole series is FASCINATING I’m very proud to have produced forthcoming episodes about Aldous Huxley’s Antic Hay, and Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love and I’ve worked with academics, theologians, psychoanalysts and brilliant actors to tell the stories of the story.

TX: Sundays 14:45 BBC Radio 4

Network: Pier Productions for BBC Radio 4

Opening Lines.jpg

Hoovering with Jessica Fostekew

I now have the absolutely glorious pleasure of producing Hoovering – the podcast all about eating.  It is presented by Jessica Fostekew (who is THE ACTUAL BEST) and in each episode she takes an amazing guest for amazing food to talk about the joys (and sometimes the difficulties) of eating food. Everyone is so honest, funny, and wise about their relationships with eating, Jess is an absolute wonder to work with, and the food’s great too.  What a dreamy job.  Episodes arrive every two weeks, and there’s extra special content for Patreon subscribers.

We've scoffed with Joe Lycett, Rachel Parris, Huge Davies, Tadiwa Mahlunge, Katie Budenberg, Serena Appleby, Amy Gledhill and Glenn Moore, Anthony Amourdoux, Sara Pascoe AND LOADS MORE.  We've been to Bristol, Leicester Comedy Festival, Machynlleth Comedy Festival, we've hoovered in studios, outside, in living rooms and in some of the most delicious restaurants I've ever had the pleasure of eating in.

TX: Every two weeks, wherever you get your podcasts

Network: Acast/The Hoovering Podcast

Hoovering pic.png

Sort Your Shit Out

I produced Sort Your Shit Out, a podcast series presented by the glorious Ellie Gibson and the first series is all about booze. It's co-hosted by coach Stephanie Chivers, who is truly one of the kindest, wisest women I have ever met. The series offers brilliant advice on where to start if you want to cut down or cut out alcohol, guidance on whether to moderate or go sober and it's packed full of amazing ways to make things just that little bit better and special guests who offer advice and personal stories and general wise words.  It was sponsored by Remedy Drinks who make genuinely very delicious fizzy pop.  I learned so much making this series and Stephanie and Ellie are a joy to work with.  And SERIES TWO IS COMING SOON.

TX: January 2023 - all six episodes are available now

Network: The Tape Agency

Sort Your Sht Out-04.png

Jake Yapp's Unwinding

Every weeknight in January I co-produced a three hour live entertainment show hosted by Jake Yapp.  Each night had a different, brilliant, co-host, and was packed full of games, archive comedy, interviews and chat.  I was on air every night as Audience Interaction Wrangler reading out emails and WhatsApp messages from our lovely, loyal listeners.  I learned a huge amount being a producer/presenter on those 20 shows and it was an absolute privilege to be a part of this intense month of live radio.

Our magnificent co-presenters were Susie Blake, Briony May Williams, Thanyia Moore, Jessica Fostekew, Isy Suttie, Sara Barron, Sunil Patel, Ruth Bratt, Maddie Moate, Samira Ahmed, Scott Bryan, Amy Gledhill, Hayley Campbell, Gemma Cairney, Tom Price, Celya AB, Jon Holmes, Laura Lexx, Esyllt Sears, and ACTUAL Toyah Willcox. Plus live music from Kirsty Newton and Harry the Piano.

Interview guests included Poppy & Rubina, Toussaint Douglass, Mike Wozniak, Rosie Holt, Cleo Rocos, Maisie Adam, the cast of Operation Mincemeat, Charlie Baker, Lloyd Griffith, Martine Croxall, Tom Sandars and ACTUAL MUPPETEER Louise Gold.

TX: January 2023

Network: BBC Radio 4 Extra


Unsafe Space

I was part of the production team arranging and recording and generally pulling together stand-up performances, sketches, songs, monologues and interviews for Unsafe Space on BBC Radio 4.


I worked with some of the people I think are the funniest in the world, and some I do not.  I worked with some of the people I fundamentally agree with, and some I do not.  Because that’s the point of the programme.  Diversity of opinion in action.  The series is packed with brilliance.

TX: January-February 2023

Network: An unusual production for BBC Radio 4

Unsafe Space.jpg

Absolute Radio Pirates

I produced a 6-hour celebration of the pirate radio stations of the 1960s for Absolute Radio. Absolute Radio 60s rebranded as Absolute Radio Pirates for the occasion.

To mark the anniversary of the Marine Offences Act coming in to force in August 1967, Absolute Radio Pirates combined new interviews with archive broadcasts - and loads of great music - to tell the real story of the pirates, their love of music, and the move into illegality. Featuring stories and reminiscences from Tony Blackburn and Johnnie Walker, 1960s news bulletins read by Zeb Soanes, and reflections on the legacy of the Pirate Stations from Shaun Keaveny, Leona Graham (and her dad), Jordan and Perri from Kiss Breakfast, radio historian David Lloyd, and radio legend Tim Blackmore, plus the story of the life, and the murder, of the owner of Radio City, Reg Calvert, told by his daughter Susan. And there's archive broadcasts from 1964-67 from Kenny Everett, Keith Skues, John Peel, Tommy Vance, Tony Windsor, Ed "Stewpot" Stewart, Dave Cash, and Simon Dee.

The 6-hour extravaganza was brought together from 8 hours of new interviews and over 26 hours of archive donated to the project by The Offshore Radio Museum.

TX: August 2022

Network: An unusual production for Absolute Radio


Reasons To Be Cheerful - Live!

I was part of the production team for the live podcast recording of Reasons To Be Cheerful with Geoff Lloyd and Ed Miliband.


The show was at Kings Place, London on Sunday 17th July and featured a panel discussion with Rosie Carter, David Gauke, David Runciman and Faiza Shaheen, and special interview guest Sadiq Khan. I also edited the podcast episode which was released at midnight on Monday 18th July.

TX: July 2022

Network: Acast/Reasons To Be Cheerful


Neil Innes: Dip My Brain In Joy

I wrote and produced a 3-part celebration of the life and work of Neil Innes, presented by Diane Morgan. The series featured archive interviews and performances, alongside new interviews with Michael Palin, Neil’s wife Yvonne Innes, John Altman, Steve James, Stephen Fry, Kevin Eldon, Adrian Edmondson, and Terry Gilliam.

Gillian Reynolds in The Sunday Times said, "Radio as good as this conjures unforgettable pictures." The Radio Times said, it "teems with great moments," and Robin Ince in The Big Issue said, "the energy of creativity erupts throughout."

TX: December 2020

Network: BBC Radio 4 Extra


Comedy Club at Machynlleth

I produced coverage of the Machynlleth Comedy Festival with the BBC Radio 4 Extra Comedy Club presenters Esyllt Sears, Stephen Bailey, Arthur Smith, Jake Yapp, Jessica Fostekew, Angela Barnes, Laura Lexx, Rob Deering, and Isy Suttie to bring the magic of the annual comedy festival to the 4 Extra listeners and to showcase the incredible range of new and established comedy talent performing in Machynlleth. We've featured interviews and performances from comedians, musicians and poets and everything since 2014 is available on BBC Sounds.


Most of our content was recorded on location, backstage at venues, in the middle of fields surrounded by sheep, or by the bins just outside the Big Top. I'm quite happy producing audio in odd places.

TX: Every Early May Bank Holiday Weekend 2013-2023

Network: BBC Radio 4 Extra


Podcast Radio Hour

I have presented and produced over 50 episodes of the weekly show on BBC Radio 4 Extra which recommends podcasts and speaks to the people who make them.


I have made episodes on love, on chronic health conditions, and on writing with Isy Suttie; on sound design, and on adoption with Jon Holmes; on women's football with Eilidh Barbour; on Creativity with Shaun Keaveny; on long-running podcasts with Jessica Fostekew; on poetry, and on death with Salena Godden. I've also produced episodes on location at The Podcast Show 2022, the British Podcast Awards the Machynlleth Comedy Festival, at the Aberystwyth Comedy Festival, and at the International Women's Podcast Festival. I have listened to hundreds and hundreds of hours of podcasts. I know what makes a good podcast.

TX: Fridays at 11am and 9pm

Network: BBC Radio 4 Extra


Now Wash Your Hands

I was part of the production team on BBC Radio 4's Now Wash Your Hands - a pioneering late-night lockdown comedy in April 2020, commissioned by Sioned William, which won Best Podcast, Creativity and Entertainment Award from Radio Days Europe.

The presenters Jon Holmes, Jake Yapp, Natt Tapley and Salma Shah anchored the show and we dropped in on special guests at home including Sanjeev Bhaskar, David Baddiel, Miranda Hart, Tony Blackburn, Kirsty Wark, Anton Du Beke, Mel Giedroyc, the cast of EastEnders, Ed Balls, David Sedaris, Jenny Éclair, Jamali Maddix, Ian MacMillan, Matt Lucas and even Grammy-winning post-punk band Bowling For Soup, plus diverse voices of real life listeners who were stuck in India or on cruise ships around the world as our ‘correspondents on the ground’.

We embraced the brave new world of remote radio production, experimenting with new recording techniques and giving tech and soundproofing advice to special guests from all over the world.


TX: April-May 2020

Network: An unusual production for BBC Radio 4


Seriously Funny - Radio Days Europe 

In October 2021, I was invited to speak on the ‘Seriously Funny – Comedy On The Radio’ panel at Radio Days Europe in Lisbon where I was asked to offer insights on making funny audio.


Jon Holmes and I discussed how to construct a joke for different media and platforms, how to develop and nurture talent, the merits of filth, taboo and swearing, what you can and can't make jokes about, and how much of creativity is raw talent and how much is hard work.

It was amazing and exciting to be part of such a lively, global industry event. Jon and I also discovered a stall which sold piña coladas in pineapples which was a personal highlight of the trip.


BBC Radio 4 Extra's Comedy Club

For over ten years I produced continuity and content for BBC Radio 4 Extra's Comedy Club working with presenters including Isy Suttie, Jessica Fostekew, Diane Morgan, Aisling Bea, Jon Holmes, Jake Yapp, Sara Pascoe, Cariad Lloyd, Laura Lexx, Angela Barnes, Sindhu Vee, Athena Kugblenu, Rob Deering, Lou Conran, Harriet Kemsley, Iain Lee, Sarah Campbell, Paul Garner, and Arthur Smith.

We have interviewed guests including Rob Delaney, Sharon Horgan, Sophie Duker, Alex Horne, Sara Barron, Brian Conley, Nish Kumar, Rosie Jones, Nigel Planer, Alexei Sayle, Jen Brister, Norma Farnes, Rosie Holt, Catherine Bohart, Amy Gledhill, Ed Gamble, Sarah Keyworth, Dane Baptiste, Greg Davies, Richard Herring, Dave Gorman, Matthew Baynton, Ahir Shah, Anna Maxwell Martin and oh I could go on. We have been to Machynlleth, Aberystwyth, Edinburgh, Wells, Leicester, we've recorded in and out of the studio, we've done interviews, celebrations, tributes, and stupid sketches. And I collected it all together in the 2019 three-hour special Comedy Club Extravaganza.

My proudest audio moments were making a taxidermy workshop with Diane Morgan, writing and producing a fake history of the Comedy Club with Jake Yapp, using sound effects to put Jon Holmes in a variety of ridiculous locations, and making Arthur Smith fight a goat.

TX: Every night from ten-midnight

Network: BBC Radio 4 Extra


A Book At Bathtime

I created, developed and produced this ridiculous series with Jake Yapp and Jon Holmes that we actually recorded in my bath.

The premise: Jon Holmes reads a serialised bedtime story from the bath. The only problem is that he happens to be sharing his bath with Jake Yapp who can and will ruin the reading.

Jon hopes to share a serious and important piece of literature: Dusty Passages by Malcolm Throbbswell (it's not real, but it is better than some actual published works in this genre). It is an intense tale of lust and longing, truth and redemption, and vigorously requited passion in later life, with all its accompanying, rather dreary, pretentious and self-indulgent tropes. 

There are also a lot of bath-related asides (because they are actually in the bath). Expect some splashing, hair-washing, bath-based-bickering and abject filth.

One of the best days I've ever had at work/in the bathroom.

TX: June 2019

Network: BBC Radio 4 Extra


And We Are Live...

I produced Radio 4 Extra's first (only) LIVE Saturday Morning 3 hour extravaganza.

Jake Yapp and I worked closely together to develop a workable format - that thoroughly channelled Going Live. We took on sketches, fake news headlines, sports reports and documentaries, and featured interviews with stalwarts of live broadcasting - Clive Myrie, Simon McCoy, Sharon Carpenter, and Paddy O'Connell.


There were also live, improvised and topical sketches featuring studio guests Ruth Bratt, Alex Lowe and Cariad Lloyd, with music from Harry the Piano. And we ended on a topical musical which was written during the broadcast because we do enjoy a challenge.

TX: September 2018

Network: BBC Radio 4 Extra


When Diane Met Ken

I worked with Diane Morgan to write and produce a three hour celebration of the life and work of the extraordinary Ken Campbell. 

The programme featured interviews with Ken from the BBC archive, performances of drama, poetry, and comedy from throughout his career, and a look back at his wide-ranging influence and influences.

Diane and I interviewed Ken’s friends, family and colleagues including the playwright Terry Johnson, the ventriloquist and comedian Nina Conti, the actor and comedian Neil Edmond, and Ken’s daughter Daisy Campbell, who all spoke of the chaotic, important and life-changing role Ken played in all their lives.

TX: August 2018

Network: BBC Radio 4 Extra


Motherhood: Bump, Birth & Beyond

I produced this three hour epic presented by Jessica Fostekew which charts the horrors and the highs of the 9 months of life with a bump, the moment of reckoning with birth, and the chaos, or not, that lies ahead.

The programme featured programmes and clips on the subject of pregnancy and motherhood from the BBC Archive dating back over 50 years, alongside brand new interviews with lots of special guests who were so generous with their time and their personal stories: Jenny Eclair, Cariad Lloyd, Sara Barron, Richard Herring & Catie Wilkins, Caroline Mabey, Jen Brister, Hatty Ashdown, Kirsty Newton, Katie Mulgrew, Taylor Glenn, Robin Ince, Laura Lexx, Sindhu Vee, Diane Morgan, and Holly Walsh.

TX: March 2018

Network: BBC Radio 4 Extra

Jess BBB.jpg

Diane Morgan Believes In Ghosts

Diane Morgan and I produced a three hour Halloween special about real-life ghosts and hauntings - long before Uncanny

We trawled the BBC archive for the best true tales of ghost hunting, hauntings and unexplained phenomena, which took us across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales – and we took a tour of the bowels of BBC Broadcasting House which is reportedly haunted...


Diane and I interviewed special guests who have all had paranormal experiences, including Yvette Fielding, Glen Hunt, Toyah Willcox, Bethany Black, Steve Punt, and Maxine Peake, who gleefully shared their spooky stories.

TX: October 2017

Network: BBC Radio 4 Extra


Archive on 4: The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Anarchy Must Be Organised

I worked closely with the wonderful Neil Innes to produce a mess of a history of The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band for BBC Radio 4, commissioned by Mohit Bakaya.


2016 marked the 50th anniversary of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band going "professional" - and this programme charted their absurd career.  Archive interviews and performances accompanied new interviews with Legs Larry Smith, Rodney Slater, Vernon Dudley Bowhay Nowell, Sam Spoons, and Bob Kerr, and contributions from friends and fans including Terry Gilliam, Adrian Edmondson, Kevin Eldon, Diane Morgan, Rick Wakeman, and Stephen Fry.

Neil and I collated hours of archive material, and recorded over 24 hours of new material and interviews.  Neil said, "This is an audio blockbuster! This kind of production – certainly in human terms - does not come cheap. It is truly labour intensive and all credit is due to the painstaking diligence of producer and editor Laura Grimshaw. It takes courage and generosity to allow people to waffle on and on and go wherever their fancy takes them. Furthermore, it takes soul-sapping concentration and stamina to trawl through all the subsequent 'anarchy' and rescue any best bits. It is entirely thanks to Laura – and her love of the band and of making radio - that this programme sounds as natural and as 'organised' – as it does."

Neil was wonderful, generous, creative and brilliant, and I am proud of the work we did together.

TX: March 2016

Network: BBC Radio 4 Extra


Barry Humphries: Gladdies All Over

I produced this three hour celebration of the life and work of Barry Humphries. Rare archive programmes, interviews, and performances sat alongside a new interview with Barry himself.  The whole shebang was hosted by the fabulous Kathy Lette and she very generously invited us round to her house to record in her kitchen.

Barry spoke frankly and hilariously about his relationships with his characters Sir Les Patterson, Sandy Stone and Dame Edna Everage, about his love of dadaism and absurdism, and about his theatrical work.  It was an honour and a privilege to spend an afternoon in his company.

TX: June 2015

Network: BBC Radio 4 Extra


Vivian Stanshall: English As Tuppence

This was the first big project where I worked with the legendary Neil Innes. We celebrated the incorrigible, adored, unpredictable, unfathomable absurdist Vivian Stanshall - Neil's creative partner in The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and brains behind the intricate world of Rawlinson End.


Neil and I interviewed Ade Edmondson, Rod Slater and Rick Wakeman, and trawled the BBC Archive to bring to life the collision of art, humour, music and language that permeated Vivian existence.

TX: March 2014

Network: BBC Radio 4 Extra


Les Dawson: Listening to Les

My first three hour special for BBC Radio 4 Extra celebrated the life and work of Les Dawson. Guests included Ken Dodd, Neil Innes, Lee Mack, Robin Ince, Gillian Reynolds and David Nobbs.

There were gems from the BBC Archive including rare interviews, routines and programmes such as In The Psychiatrist's Chair (recorded a week before Les died), Les reading his own novel Come Back With the Wind, Marriott's Monologues, Whirligig, and Listen To Les.

TX: September 2013

Network: BBC Radio 4 Extra


Trail Making

I am a hugely experienced programme trails producer for both commercial and BBC Radio. I have produced trails for BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 4 Extra, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Three Counties Radio, and Jack FM.

I have worked on trail campaigns for comedies, dramas, documentaries, and news and current affairs.  I've produced trails for Radio 4 institutions such as Desert Island Discs, The News Quiz, Four Thought, and Soul Music, plus new, ground-breaking shows such as The Skewer.  I have worked closely with presenters and producers on campaigns for their programmes. I have directed presenters, actors and the force of nature that is a Radio 4 Continuity Announcer to deliver voice-overs for a variety of genres and styles.

Pictured is the recording of trails onstage in the Radio Theatre for Michael Palin's Radio Adventures, hosted by John McCarthy and produced by Stephen Garner. I wrote scripts which Michael said were Very Funny and he performed with aplomb. I think this means I can say I've written comedy for Michael Palin.


Chatting on Podcasts

If asked, I will come on your podcast for a chat.


I have appeared as a guest on The The One Show Show with Jon Holmes and Marc Haynes, on The Goon Pod with Tyler Adams, and on Music For The Head Ballet with Paul Abbott.  I've played stupid quizzes with Jake Yapp on Not Today Thank You and I've discussed death and synaesthesia on the World Service documentary Revolution of the Senses.

I was also honoured to discuss Neil Innes and The Rutles on the fabulous Beatles podcast I Am The Egg Pod.

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